After one month from the MARPE IP

My mind was for some time busy with the daily stuff and run. But my heart keeps fresh the memories from the IP and the soul is now recalling them on the occasion of the final assignment we have to prepare until 11th of May.

I made a promise of coming back with pics and videos and now I realize it’s difficult to keep it because of the huge volume of materials we’ve gathered. Still, I’ll make a try and let you with a little piece of „the mood” we had before leaving Gent.

This and all „the library” we came with make me now think of holiday. There are thoughts shaping a sort of Eurotrip, trying to meet again this summer all the beautiful friends we made in Belgium. There is the relentless desire of bringing back the happiness and enthousiasm we had there, despite the pressure of exams, workshops and so on. I miss the feeling of carelessness and the people who gave it to me! I still..

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